Dinosaurs and Other Extinct Living Things

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Dinosaur Fact File October 12, 2007

Recent discovery
Everything we know about dinosaurs has been discovered over the last 170 years. Before that, no one knew that such creatures existed.

What’s in a name?
Avaceratops was named after the discoverer’s wife, Ava. Ceratops means ‘horned face’.

Missing fingers
No good fossils bones of the tail or fingers of Tyrannosaurus rex have been found so far. The two fingers with which T rex is usually shown are based on those of Albertosaurus because it was a similar dinosaur.

First evidence
The first dinosaur fossils to be found were discovered in England in the 1820s. The first American dinosaur fossils were found about 30 years later in the 1850s.

Dinosaur National Monument
In Utah, USA, so many dinosaurs were found that a whole area was turned into a museum. Nearby is a town called Dinosaur with street names such as Triceratops Terrace, Stegosaurus Freeway and Brontosaurus Boulevard.

Oldest bite
Fossilized leaves with a bite taken out of them have been found. Teeth marks round the edge of the bite can be seen showing what a dinosaur had for its dinner.

Short sprint
Tyrannosaurus rex could run about 30km/h (kilometres per hour), although in short bursts. It probably ran its fastest when chasing its prey. Human beings, when running flat out, can reach a top speed of about 25km/h.


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